God forbid we should be more orthodox

God forbid we should be more orthodox

Oakland has a new bishop, Allen Vigneron, who is being called a strong conservative. He was an auxiliary in Detroit, headed the seminary there, and is known as orthodox and educated. But some people in Oakland are worried by that.

    But some East Bay priests are worried that Vigneron may have been brought into Oakland to more strictly enforce Catholic orthodoxy. They fear he will start asking tough questions about gay priests in the growing diocese, which includes all of Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

Oh no, not actually living and teaching what the Church actually believes. Living according to the Word of God? Heaven forbid.

On the other hands, I’m not sure Vigernon is the conservative bogeyman the heterodox make him out to be. He says encouraging things, but the proof will be in actual deeds.

    When asked if he thought gay men should be banned from Catholic seminaries,  Vigneron replied: “You used the word ‘gay.’ Is that someone who has experienced same-sex attraction or was involved in the whole lifestyle? It’s very difficult for someone involved in the gay lifestyle to get to a life of celibate chastity.”

If the bishop follows through on his beliefs, then we can be happy, but for decades we’ve heard lots of good things from many bishops who never actually follow through on them. It will be nice to see a bishop join the handful that we all know about who keep their promises.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli