Glimmer of hope for Terri?

Glimmer of hope for Terri?

The federal appeals court has agreed to consider whether to grant a new hearing on whether to reinsert Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube. If that seems very iffy, it is. They didn’t even say when they might decide to grant this hearing. The key thing at this point is whether they’ll grant a stay of Greer’s order and allow the tube to be reinserted. Twelve days without food; I can’t imagine how that feels.

Victor worries that this last-minute action is being deliberately taken at the last minute by the court with the expectation that it’s already too late so they can say that they tried to help her.

Meanwhile, in a bit of irony, we have learned that the Pope has been put on a feeding tube. Maybe John Paul can lead the way in showing by example just because you’re on a feeding tube you’re not dead. Maybe his witness will soften the hearts of so many Americans who just want Terri to die and get it over with.

Update: The appeals court rejected their request for a hearing. Why did they even bother with the charade of going through the motions.

  • I tend to agree with Victor. 

    It sounds as though she’s already experiencing kidney failure (no urine output).  At this point, I think it would be cruel to save her, only to have her endure the starvation routine again at a later date.

  • “Maybe his witness will soften the hearts of so many Americans who just want Terri to die and get it over with.”

    Don’t count on it.  I was listening to the Laura Ingraham show a few days ago, and a woman who identified herself as a Catholic, said the Schindler’s needed to “let her go.”  When Laura (also a Catholic) asked her how she squared her views with what the Pope has said about withholding food and water, the woman didn’t answer that question, but stated that it was a little odd how the Pope is continuing to “hold on,” as well.  God help us.

  • God help us indeed.

    The only hope is that Terri is still alive and God can work miracles.  I hope He works one and freaks all these people out.  But not my will, but God’s will be done.

    Should God not chose a miracle, I agree with the rest – this is just cruel to the family and Terri and a “look at us – we tried to help” crapola from the court.

  • This Canadian is just as sickened by Republicans as of Democrats on this.  The latter at least come right out as say they want Terri to “go gently into that good night” while the former bluster and pose and do NOTHING.  Jeb Bush wants the White House more than Mr and Mrs Schindler want their precious daughter to live.  The GOP has fled Terri Schiavo faster than you can say, “political suicide.”  Cheap talk befits cheap grace.

    At least on death row you get put to sleep first.  And just wait for complaints from Catholics that the Holy Father is unwise not to have a living will.

  • I think the key factor in this glimmer of hope is that the court had set a deadline of this past Saturday for these sorts of appeals, and despite the deadline, the court agreed to hear the it anyway, even though it was submitted late yesterday.

    Maybe, just maybe, the court finally saw something that they considered serious enough to not only merit hearing it, but to hear it despite the passing of the deadline.

  • Speaking of “crapola,” there’s the Senate Committee subpoena (un-enforced,) the House Committee subpoena (un-enforced,) the Florida Constitution (un-enforced,) and the US Constitution (un-enforced).  Jeb Bush is really the principal hand-sitter in this affair, but both houses of Congress and the President (and his AG per yesterday’s Washington Prowler) are in line for “All-Hat, No Cattle” awards.

    Yet they expect the pro-life crowd to vote “R”.

  • Dear Dom,

      I was listening to NPR yesterday and the phrase culture of life was the subject of much discussion. This is one of many phrases which the Holy Father has uttered repeatedly over the last 26 years which is slowly but surely creeping into our vocabulary. This is a contribution far greater than any potential anathema could have hurled in the last 26 years. Cultural change begins with ideas and cultural change eventually leads to political change.

  • Cathy:

    God is already working a miracle: the whole western world is discussing (heatedly) a moral problem that was being hidden before

  • And in their ruling they had the gall to chew out Congress and Bush for attempting to intervene.  What colossal arrogance!