“Give me my inclusive Mass or I’ll hold my breath”

“Give me my inclusive Mass or I’ll hold my breath”

Dale Price, master of the Catholic fisking, breaks down a recent National Catholic Reporter editorial that complains about the Vatican providing us with accurate translations of the missal rather than the ideological polyglot we’ve been forced to use for decades.

Short form: The NCR crowd is all put out that we ignoramuses in the pew and the arrogant power-mongers in the Vatican don’t like the 60s crowd’s pablum and are correcting the worst abuses.

  • ICEL went to those who agreed with their ideology and allowed them their input. On something as important and tricky as the translation of the Mass (not the creation of a new one, mind you), I would rather have the experts in the Vatican rather than some country priest or some would-be liturgical expert in the pew. Or are you suggesting that the best experts on translation from Latin are Joe Six-pack in the pew and the average parish priest?

    Anything done by self-aggrandizing committee rarely turns out well. I’d rather something as important as this done by experts picked by those in authority.

    Were we to listen those such as yourself, nothing would be done by the Vatican. Instead we’d all gather for small group discussions and then share our feelings about it later.

  • ICEL was a disaster.  And I don’t blame the Vatican for doubting everything about “church circles.”  ICEL is a completely apt example.

    Believe it or not, parish/diocesan/liturgical groupies are *NOT* the Faith.  They can’t *control* the Faith.  The last 40 years has shown that a fair percentage of them don’t even understand the first thing *about* the Faith.  I.e., They can’t make it up as they go along.

    The first thing they have to grasp is
    *****IT”S NOT ABOUT THEM!!!******