Geeky is the new #000000

Geeky is the new #000000

I couldn’t believe no one had thought of this t-shirt idea before. So of course I had to create it myself. You can buy it in many style at my best-kept secret, the Bettnet store.

  • yeah…..of course you realize, there are a bunch of people who have thought of this T-shirt.  A simple google search would have told you this.  Typical.

  • Typical is the cowardice of critics like you who post your vitriol and don’t bother to use a real name or email address. At least I have put my name on every single post on this site.

    As for your criticism, I did do a Google search and there isn’t a single t-shirt with this particular formulation. Here look for yourself.

    So before you haul off on someone, you should be sure of what you’re criticizing, “Jake”.

    Typical, indeed.

  • I’m sorry, but I don’t get it.  What is “#000000”?  It could be interpreted as the hexadecimal color code for black, but that still doesn’t help me make sense of the slogan.  “Geeky is the new black”? 

    Even I, an admitted geek, am stumped.  grin

  • Well ,when I have to explain it in detail, it kind of sucks the fun out of it but…

    1. The color black in fashion has long been seen as the one color that never goes out of fashion and is always suitable for every occasion.
    2. In recent years, the phrase “…is the new black” has become popular, meaning that whatever it is has become fashionable, replacing black clothing as the one thing that’s always acceptable and popular.
    3. Geeks and technology are now very popular in pop culture, probably more now than ever. See shows like “Chuck” and “The Big Bang Theory”.
    4. You are right that #000000 is the hexadecimal code for black. Specifically in this case, it is the code for black you use when programming the HTML for a web page. Only someone who is hip with technology, i.e. a geek, would know that.
    5. Thus, Geeky is the new #000000 is a word play on an old cliché for the in-crowd. Kind of like my t-shirt that says “There are 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those who don’t.”

    Make sense now?

  • Hi Dom,

    Thanks very much for the explanation.  I guess I’m out of it on too many pop culture references—perhaps because I’m a geek?  smile

    The main stumbling block for me was that I had never heard of the saying “…is the new black.”

    But now this one I do get:

    “There are 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those who don’t.”

    …And I’ve always thought it was very funny.  smile

  • The thing that cracks me up is that according to cafe press, its offered in multiple colors.