Fun in nun drag

Fun in nun drag

Diogenes posts the following excerpt of a news story about an investigation in the Toledo diocese:

[Investigators] spent several days last month trying to determine if there were any connections between the women’s allegations and a loose-knit group of church lay members who gathered on church properties while dressed in nuns’ clothes.

Police interviewed Jerry Mazuchowski, 53, a church lay minister and retired Toledo public school teacher who founded the group known as Sisters of Assumed Mary, or SAM. He said he told police detectives that his group did not break church laws.

“We did nun drag,” he told The Blade. “We gave each other nuns’ names. It was nothing but absolute fun. Camp. Foolishness.”

The article also says that this was a “secret fraternity.” I only have one question: Did anyone else come to the same conclusion I have regarding these guys’ sexual orientation?

By the way, this was part of a larger story on accusations that a ring of priests molested children in occultic rituals. Just when you think the Scandal can’t get any more bizarre.

  • This gets creepier with every new item.  It needs both a thorough homicide investigation along with an exorcist.  Men don’t have “fun” dressing up as nuns with others.  They need spiritual and professional help.  Quickly.

  • When I was in the seminary in the late 80s and early 90s, and the 20-year reign of faggery was not yet over, I remember finding it extremely weird that so many of the most effeminate seminarians were seemingly fixated on nuns.  Not, mind you, the “good, modern” pastel polyester pantsuit-with-vests nuns, but the black-habit wearers of happy memory.

    The gayest of the gay seminarians at our place, I remember, had a habit of sorts in his closet that he slipped into from time to time.  He had posted a picture on his door of a habit-wearing nun with a wicked grin and some salacious double-entendre thought balloon.

    That none of the faculty ever seemed to be similarly alarmed at this nun-obsession was the scariest part of the whole thing.

    This seminarian was from another diocese—which was a big part of the problem.  The fruitcakes from Springfield (not all of them, but a very high percentage) were “untouchables” because the seminary needed the income their residence provided.  They knew they weren’t going to get in trouble because (a) their own diocese was in the hands of the lavender mafia, and (b) the seminary they were placed in needed to keep them in order to stay solvent.

    What a disaster!  The nun-obsessed seminarian was eventually ousted, but only after making a big public scene over his former seminarian lover who had moved on…..