Frustration and fun

Frustration and fun

I had all kinds of great blog entries planned for today, including one about the terror bombings in London that was in progress, until my computer decided it wanted to keep crashing every couple of minutes. In frustration I just gave up on it. This computer is just too old and unreliable. I wish I could get a new one, but it’s that or a nice wedding for my bride. You know which one I chose. Expect more blogging later, maybe on Monday.

So tomorrow is the great bachelor party. In the morning we’re going deep sea fishing out of Gloucester (although with this weather it’s likely to be a re-enactment of the Perfect Storm) and then to Woodman’s of Essex for lunch (where they say the fried clam was invented), then some laser tag in the afternoon, followed by dinner at Bertucci’s Italian restaurant and ending with stogies and Scotch. The guys are jealous, I know, and the women are just shaking their heads.

Oh, and on Tuesday I’m heading out to San Francisco and won’t be back until Friday. You might see some blogging on Tuesday and Wednesday, but not on Thursday. On that day I’ll be traveling from morning until night. Fun.