French clowns

French clowns

Lyons II University in France is now offering post-graduate degrees in clowning with official accreditation from the French Education Ministry.

There is a huge demand from people wanting to become clowns in France and we thought it was time to offer technical training and a diploma in this area,” said Marie-Thérãse Maurer, the vice-chancellor of the university.

“There is a huge demand from people wanting to become clowns in France…” The jokes just write themselves: “Yeah, they work in the government” or “Now we see why Jerry Lewis is most popular in France.”

Here’s another quote from the story:

Claire Paysson, coordinator of the House of Circus and Clown Arts, said: “There is a clown in all of us and we have to find it. Perhaps you’re a clown and you don’t know it.

This applies to most members of Congress. What’s your favorite punch line?

And I leave with a link to this oldie, but goodie: The Vile File.

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  • The good thing about being a clown is always having a spare handkerchief to use as a white flag.

    Is it people want to become clowns in France, or France makes people want to be clowns?