Forth Worth Scandal revelations can still turn the stomach

Forth Worth Scandal revelations can still turn the stomach

Good to see that after five years of this, I can still get outraged. The latest diocesan document dump of Scandal cases came from the Forth Worth diocese this week detailing the usual litany of pervert priests and the bishops who shielded them. Same tune, different dance.

Once we are reminded that there were too many bishops who were more concerned with public relations and their own reputation than about the kids who were abused. Take the case of the unrepentant and disobedient Fr. Philip Magaldi, a priest who after admitting to paying several teen boys to perform enemas on him was left in parish work and even allowed to continue as a Boy Scout chaplain. Magaldi claimed that the enemas were not inappropriate because he has a medical condition that required it. So get a nurse. Just because it’s health related doesn’t mean you have just anybody perform them on you.

Still, Bishop Joseph Delaney, who stonewalled the document release until his death last year, seemed more concerned about the information going public than about the boys who had been abused.

There is no way that – that I can defend myself before God or before the people of the diocese or before the world if ... [a reporter for The Dallas Morning News], for instance, tomorrow morning, published all of this,” Bishop Delaney told Father Magaldi during one confrontation over an abuse complaint, according to the records. “There would be no defense.”

Note his concern: defending himself. In all the transcripts there isn’t a hint that he was concerned about the victims or about their physical or spiritual well-being.

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