For most liberals and gossips, emotion trumps logic

For most liberals and gossips, emotion trumps logic

In writing about an upcoming meeting between Castro-wannabe Hug Chavez, president-for-life of Venezeula, and Pope Benedict, Gerald notes Rocco’s comments on the same meeting:

Proving yet again that he’s much kinder than about 99.7% of the rest of the universe, B16 will receive the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez later this week.

Reading that, I was finally able to put my finger on just what it is that bothers me about Rocco’s breathless reporting on all things Vatican and Catholic (or one of the things). For most liberals everything is framed in terms of feelings and emotion.

Pope Benedict isn’t meeting with Chavez to be nice to him. He’s meeting with him because Chavez is president of a large, oil-rich South American country with majority Catholic population and whose bishops have been constantly at loggerheads with the president. Chavez is a head of state who’s got a problem with the Church. This is the logical reason for their meeting.

When emotion rules your world

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  • Wingtips, silly! And peasant hats are so yesterday.

    Well snowflakes, whatever Chavez dons as his personal fashion statement on that simply sensational day, we can be sure it will be stunning and an impagabile moment!