Flynn says Altier not silenced

Flynn says Altier not silenced

Archbishop Harry Flynn of Minneapolis has a form letter response to those asking about Fr. Robert Altier. He denies that Altier has been “silenced” and that he and Altier simply decided that now would be a good time for him to stop his radio apostolate.

The webmasters of the Desert Voice web site, which was posting Fr. Altier’s homilies until the order came down, ask the obvious question: If this was only about ending radio ministry, then why was he also forced to ask that his homilies not be posted online anymore? Certainly, having someone else record and post those homilies takes no time or attention away from his parish ministry.

Flynn also mentions the objections to the “safe environment sex education” programs—apparently because some people surmise that Altier’s objections were why he was silenced—as saying that “parents always retain the right to withhold their children from any program to which they object.” How gracious and generous. Yet it doesn’t address the basic objection: that such programs are in themselves immoral and usurp the proper role of parents in educating their children. It’s not the fact that my children have to go through it, but that any children have to go through it and at the hands of the Church no less. Even then it is an opt-out, not opt-in process. He just doesn’t get it.

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