Finneran’s flip-flop

Finneran’s flip-flop

Yet another Catholic politician shows his spots. The former speaker of the Mass. House of Representatives, Tom Finneran, resigned within the past month in a race against a federal indictment over legislative re-districting. Massachusetts Catholics bemoaned the loss of the speaker as a voice for pro-life, pro-family Catholic values. For myself, I was never too excited about him, and the latest news about him illustrates why.

After resigning his office, Finneran went to work for the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council and suddenly he’s switched from being against embryonic stem-cell research to being for it. I guess the big paycheck makes a difference.

Of course, Finnerance assures us that “his past opposition originated not from his beliefs as a pro-life Catholic, but from a lack of information about the issue.” Well, that makes it all the better?

How many pieces of silver did it take for Finneran to sell out the unborn to the butchers? Must have been a lot.

But then Finneran was never too willing to put his political neck on the line for his Catholic beliefs. When the bishops of Massachusetts appeared to be backing off from a strong support for a state constitutional marriage amendment, Finneran’s support become pretty tepid too. I guess it’s too much to ask that a Catholic Massachusetts Democrat would hold to principle. By the way, Finneran lives in Archbishop Sean O’Malley’s archdiocese. Canon 915?

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