Finally, but too late?

Finally, but too late?

America’s bishop are starting to weigh in on the Terri Schiavo case, but is it too little too late? Even so, it’s still only a small subset who have spoken out. And is it enough for them to speak out in their own dioceses? Shouldn’t they be assembling on the steps of the US Capitol or in front of the Florida hospice where she’s being kept? Can you imagine what a powerful witness it would be if all of the US bishops, the dozens and dozens of them, all gathered in front of hospice to pray for Terri? It almost makes me weep to realize that it won’t happen, not with this current crop of bishops.

  • Have you looked into the “voices” that George Felos talks about in his book, LITIGATION AS SPIRITUAL PRACTICE?

    If our bishops can read reviews like those and still not come to Terri’s defense, they are certainly lacking in wisdom.  Once such thinking becomes entrenched in the legal system, we are in very big trouble.  With lawyers like this in charge, it will become illegal to be Catholic, and the bishops necks will be on the chopping block if that ever happens.  They would do well to enter the battle while there is still some hope of winning.

  • Drudge today shows a picture of Jesse Jackson praying with Terri’s parents.

    Granted, we all know JJ’s penchant for inserting himself into all issues that may provide a photo-op for himself. But how many Catholic bishops have we seen in public with Terri’s parents?

    Bishop Lynch…? Cdl. Mahony…? The Florida bishops…?

    Right, just what I thought…

  • I said the same thing to the children today, Dom.
    Where are the bishops? Terri is Catholic. A young Catholic is being starved to death in a very public manner. 
    On another note: Terri’s brother, sister and parents are tremendous. I think the country is getting a huge dose of what it means to love a person unconditionally.

  • “Woe to you Shepherds!” 

    The good Shepherd laid down his life for His sheep.  What have they done to save this little lambs life? What have they done to even comfort her or her family?

    Why aren’t they there in Florida pleading for mercy for her and her family.  Mercy for Terri!  Just a drop of mercy for a holy innocent please!

  • I have been atttending a local Franciscan monastery in pleace of my liberal local parish and even there on Holy Thursday, when I thought I would hear prayers for Terri and family, not a word.  This is a shrine to Max. Kolbe, who was starved/dehydrated by the Nazis—wouldn’t you think they would have been sensitive to the issue?

    I’m deeply discouraged by my church.