Final legal maneuvers against gay marriage

Final legal maneuvers against gay marriage

With gay marriage all but assured to happen in Massachusetts next month, marriage supporters are running out their last-ditch attempts to stop it. A lawmaker is filing a bill that would impeach the members of the Supreme Judicial Court who voted for the gay marriage ruling. And a single justice of the court is also being petitioned to stay the court’s decision until after voters decide on a constitutional ban in November 2006, arguing that allowing gays to marry now and then invalidating those marriages then will lead to a legal mess.

  • At this point, apart from prayer, not much. Lobby your congressmen to pass the Marriage Amendment. If your state doesn’t have a defense of marriage law, ask your state reps to pass one. And maybe get ready for next year’s Mass. constitutional convention fight when this all comes up again. Other than that, I don’t know what else can be done.

  • The Catholic Church and all us Catholics must ready ourselves for vastly increased condemnation and persecution, as we hold to God’s revealed truth about marriage.  We will be (and already are) called bigots and haters for recognizing that the complementary union of man and woman in a life-long and faithful union, and who are privileged by God to bring into this world new human life, is vastly different from two men who sodomize each other.  One part of the real evil here is that our children will be increasingly confused about marriage, and will also be targeted and persecuted for believing or stating that there is something Godly and good about true marriage between a man and a woman.