Father only good for DNA and child support

Father only good for DNA and child support

Apparently he’s more than just the provider of some biological material. A story comes out of Canada about the father of a child he didn’t know he had that was put up for adoption. The mother and father were not married. (Insert comment about the importance of marriage here.) The mother didn’t think she could care for the child so she put him up for adoption and neglected to inform the father.

Now the dad, Rick Frederickson, is trying to assert his custody rights to his child, now five months old, but the adoptive parents are fighting. These real winners accuse the father of being “nothing more than a sperm donor unfit to parent.” Although, donating his sperm wasn’t enough for them: They’re also suing for child support.

Yeah, Fredrickson doesn’t sound like the winningest guy in the world—he was having an on-again, off-again sexual relationship with an employee, but he’s trying to do the right thing. As a father’s rights group says of the case: “If this was a woman whose baby was taken, police would have had this baby back to the mother, like, in 24 hours.”

Just like in the abortion wars, fathers have no parental rights. Cardinal Ratzinger once said that every major problem in society can be traced back to a crisis of fatherhood and it’s no wonder since we’ve seen over the last four decades the degradation of fatherhood take place on a massive scale.

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