Evidently it wasn’t the Barque of Peter

Evidently it wasn’t the Barque of Peter

It must be “Weird News” Day. A “floating church” owned by a schismatic Tridentine Irish bishop burst into flames and sank. The boat called The Patriarch was going to be used by Michael Cox, who claims to have been ordained and consecrated a bishop by a Vietnamese Tridentine bishop in 1978, wanted to sail the boat around Ireland, celebrating the Tridentine Mass, and shadowing the Dutch abortion ship operated by the group Women on Waves.

For the past decade, Cox has preached the virtues of the Latin Mass, his skills as an exorcist and water diviner, and his healing powers, a practice that attracts scores of ill and disabled people to his remote base in Birr, County Offaly.

Cox has attracted special attention with a string of stunts, including exorcising alleged demons from a Dublin radio station and the national parliament; setting up a confessions-by-phone hot line; and selling a “Heal yourself, by the miracle bishop” home video.

He’s also the guy who “ordained” Sinead O’Connor in 1999 and “consecrated as bishop” a gay Catholic priest from Northern Ireland in 1998.

  • Your headline stole my line, Dom! I had the exact same thought when I read the article, but there was no way to put it on CWN.

    I was somewhat chastened, though, to read that his ‘home base’ is situated in Birr, Co. Offaly – about 20 miles from my hometown. Sheesh – so to speak.

  • Hmmm isn’t there a wee bit of a problem with her first “marriage”?  Granted it was only for 8 hours or so and she had it annulled…  Does that mean that the Church does not need to annul it?  That would seem odd to me. 

    And hey maybe we could offer a trade to the Jehovah Witnesses.  We could offer them Britney for Prince straight up!!

  • If we had more licit Tridentine masses and exorcists, fewer of the faithful would be drawn in by these frauds, heretics, apostates and schismatics.

  • He’s a water diviner?  Maybe he should hook up with the Montana Pope, Pius XIII, who also keeps in practice with the same hobby.

  • If we had more licit Tridentine masses and exorcists, fewer of the faithful would be drawn in by these frauds, heretics, apostates and schismatics.

    Agree about the exorcists—read Fr. Amorth’s books, for example—but disagree about the “licit Tridentine Masses.”  If we had more licit Novus Ordo Masses there wouldn’t be such a “need” for Tridentine Masses. 

  • “If we had more licit Novus Ordo Masses there wouldn. Did the Bishop go down with his ship?

    When I think of the Dutch abortion ship…that ship from Pirates of the Carribean comes to mind, staffed by zombie liberal abortionists…when Kerry becomes president the U.S.S. Constitution will be scuttled and replaced by this ship.

  • Is there a scarcity of licit Novus Ordo Masses?

    I didn’t say “valid”—I said “licit.”  Many, many parishes nowadays have illicit-yet-valid Masses—meaning that the priest (Fr. Personality) takes it upon himself to change the words here and there (aside: my biggest pet peeve is the “This is the Lamb of God” where priests just love to change the words, i.e. “Behold, this is Jesus, the Lamb once slain who lives to reign, who loves us all so much, and so how happy are all of us who are called to this banquet….”).  And illictness aside, there is the whole issue of irreverence, which is quite common, especially when lay ministers get involved…. 

  • Novus Ordo masses and Tridentine masses should not be seen as opposite each other.  They are not in competition with one another.

    As Bryan says, there are many masses that are messed up by the priest saying the mass.  You’d think they didn’t know how to read.

  • Is the 8 hour marriage annulled in the Church or just in the civil law?  If it isn’t annulled in Church, I think whoever’s marrying her must be breaking the Church’s laws about marriage. 

    One can’t marry two men at once—that’s bigamy.

    Who’s the Catholic member of the couple?  Brittany or her fiance?  Either one of them confessing, practicing Catholic?  (less than 50% chance, I’d say).