Even opponents of the Church question Blair’s positions

Even opponents of the Church question Blair’s positions

Isn’t it interesting that even those who dislike the Church and her teachings are asking how Tony Blair can have converted to the Catholic Church without having renounced his previous very public stances in opposition to those teachings?

Among the more recent issues, Blair didn’t oppose a drive in Parliament to raise the limit for abortion to 24 weeks.

It was the same Mr Blair as Prime Minister who skipped for joy (his words) when he saw on television the first gay couples being showered in confetti as civil partnerships came into effect. […] It was also Mr Blair’s Government that rammed through the change in the law making it illegal for Catholic adoption agencies to refuse to consider homosexual couples for any of the children in their care.

The columnist, who says he’s a gay man who opposes the Church’s “bigoted stance on homosexuality,” yet admires the principles of Catholics in Parliament who are consistent with the Church’s teachings.

It’s yet more evidence that while Blair’s conversion should be welcomed for his own sake, a very public person who previously opposed the Church’s teachings should be required to make some sort of public statement to avoid creating scandal for the faithful.