Eucharistic piety

Eucharistic piety

When was the last time you remember so many public figures express their desire for the Eucharist so publicly? Unfortunately, in this case, it’s a desire to receive Communion despite an interdict. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says she’s going to receive whatever the Church says on the matter.

Pelosi, a San Francisco Democrat who was raised in a devout Italian Catholic home, told reporters, “I believe that my position on choice is one that is consistent with my Catholic upbringing, which said that every person has a free will and has the responsibility to live their lives in a way that they would have to account for in the end.”

“I’m certainly concerned when the church comes together and says it’s going to sanction people in public office for speaking their conscience and what they believe,” she said.

These people wouldn’t know irony if it bit them. On the one hand, she says her faith is so important to her, yet she doesn’t care what the Church says she should do.

If conscience and free will are the most important barometers of behavior, then what would she say to Osama bin Laden going up to receive Communion? How about an avowed racist or anti-Semite? If conscience is the sole measure, is there anything to prevent anyone from receiving?

The bishops need to announce interdicts, if only to educate these politicians and prevent the mis-education of laypeople on the primacy of conscience versus properly forming that conscience.

  • Translation of Pelosi’s thinking:  “I’m gonna do whatever the hell I want, and I’m gonna decide right from wrong on whatever terms I want…  Can I have communion now, please?”

  • What if a priest or (a bishop) would say that in his CONSCIENCE he cannot give pro-abort pols communion? What would these politicians say to that?