Encouraging news from Boston

Encouraging news from Boston

A friend tells me that Archbishop Sean O’Malley is getting a new personal secretary, Fr. Brian Bachand. If Fr. Bachand is who I think he is, I went to Steubenville with him, although we didn’t know each other personally.

No offense to the current secretary, but it is an encouraging sign because Fr. Bachand is well known for being a dynamic and orthodox young priest (hey, he went to Steubenville!) and I am glad to see the archbishop bringing such men into his inner circle.

  • I spoke with Father Brian’s sister-in-law and she confirmed the appointment!!  It is indeed Father Stuebenville Brian Bachand!!!

    Father Bachand will be in Georgetown during the week of March 13th for a “Lenten Mission”.

    Joe from Georgetown

  • Regarding the replacement of Archbishop O’Malley’s secretary, let’s review:

    “No offense to the current secretary” (Domenico Bettinelli)

    “Getting the corrupt weeds out of the garden can be a long process. ” (Richard Blanchard)

    “How about a few pack of dCon?”  (John Hearn)

    Dom already knows but I’m moved to ask Messrs. Blanchard and Hearn:

    Without Googling, or using the phone…in other words, off the top of your heads: what is the name of Archbishop O’Malley’s current secretary?

    Having answered the above question, here’s another:

    What is it that makes this person(s) comparable to a corrupt weed worthy of D-con?

    Finally…anything you’d like to add to your posts?