Embryonic stem cell research: excommunication

Embryonic stem cell research: excommunication

When it comes to excommunication, embryonic stem cell researchers are on a par with abortionists. So says Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo of the Pontifical Council for the Family. This is, in fact, a no-brainer.

Since research into embryonic stem cells requires the killing of embryonic unborn children, then whatever penalties fall upon abortionists would naturally fall upon ESCR scientists. Of course, some people don’t see it that way—they don’t believe embryos are human beings—so this has to be spelled out.

More interesting, the cardinal also says that he expects that the Catholic Church will begin facing legal sanctions in various places in the world for her strong defenses of human life, family, and marriage. And he hints that he thinks this will occur in the West.

In the Western world, he charged, actions that were once recognized as crimes are now given the status of legal rights. At the same time, he continued, “even talking about the defense of life and of the family’s rights is being treated as a kind of crime.” ... “The Church risks being brought before some international court” if current political trends continue, Cardinal Lopez Trujillo said. Nevertheless he insisted that the Church will continue to defend human life.

Persecution, not praise, is to be the expectation of Christians. Christ Himself told us so. When it comes, if it the will of God, we will embrace the martyrdom with the aid of the Holy Spirit.

The white martyrdom is already starting through financial means and public verbal attacks. I pray the red martyrdom never comes.

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