Elephant in the wading pool

Elephant in the wading pool

Last night’s episode of “CSI” centered on the case of a young man who was murdered. At first, they believed it was a “hate” crime because he had female breasts and high estrogen levels in his blood. Long story, short: A local wastewater plant was pumping gray water into the ground where local wells were picking it up and the gray water, like most urban gray water, was full of estrogen.

Where would that estrogen come from? Birth control pills, of course. In fact, it is well documented that estrogen from birth control is contaminating many water sources.

The funny thing is the show never mentions it. Instead they dance all around the cause, referring to “pharmaceuticals” and “personal care products,” but not once do they say “birth control.” We know why. It would be politically incorrect to imply that birth control—the second radical-feminist sacrament after abortion—is any way less than a great and wonderful gift to society.

So why would the producers veer so close to open criticism of birth control? Maybe the benefits were worth the risk. After all, with this story you can bash big business in the form of the conglomerate that owns the wastewater treatment plant, promote homosexuality as just another lifestyle choice, and bash red-neck homophobes. It’s a trifecta.

Plus the show was completely predictable from the start. I knew the conclusion of the fourth act by the end of the teaser, which showed women drinking tap water and showering (of course) and men watering lawns and washing boats and followed the water into the treatment system and finally into the lake that’s at the center of the story. This time, political correctness came before telling a good story.