Duped or not duped

Duped or not duped

You know, if George Bush said this stuff the media wouldn’t be able to talk enough about how dumb he is. But Kerry get’s a pass. To wit: Kerry’s interview on MTV. (Of course, considering the MTV generation I wouldn’t be surprised if it went over a lot of their viewers’ head.)

Yago: As a senator, you had to go on record with your opinions about the war. Do you feel you got duped?

Kerry: ... I said that the weapons of mass destruction are the only legitimate issue, and that basically war is the last resort, ultimate enforcement [tool for inspections]. Now that’s what I said. George Bush assured us that was his approach. And you know, you are not duped when somebody misleads you and in effect lies to you or doesn’t tell you the truth. (Emphasis added)

Does Kerry even know what the word “duped” means? “Dupe, v.t.: To deceive; to trick; to mislead by imposing on one’s credulity; to gull; as, dupe one by flattery.” See, the reason Kerry doesn’t want to say he was duped is because he thinks it makes him look dumb. Sorry Senator, but you do a good job of that yourself.

  • Here’s what I think Kerry means:

    When A lies to B and C observes that B should have been smart enough to know that A lied—C says “B was duped”.

    When A lies to C and C discovers this, C says “I was misled”—thereby explaining away the possibilty that C should have known A was a liar.