Dress code for little girls

Dress code for little girls

Pet peeve time again. This week it’s how young ladies dress at Mass. Today, we had a girl about 13 years old, I guess, who brought up the gifts at Mass, dressed in a sweat suit that had the words “red hot” written across her bottom. What were her parents thinking?

Apart from the fact that such a blatantly sexual display is inappropriate on anyone for Mass, why would you let your little girl be sexualized in such a manner?! Sometimes I just cannot understand what goes on in people’s minds. In three years, they’re going to be wondering why their little girl is no longer innocent and is asking to be put on birth control. Apart from the raging hormones of teenage boys who find the Sears catalog arousing, you have older men, who we are told, are the ones responsible for the vast majority of teen pregnancies. Hello!

  • Well it’s not just the parents but the manufacturers. They make it very hard to find clothes that fit without making kids overly sexual. 
    I agree with you on the clothing Dom it’s just disgusting and I have kids that are under third grade and are tall for their age, and because of their height I have to buy them clothes that fit most 10-12 year olds, and try doing that without making them look like a lingerie model for Victoria’s secret . All I can say is if you don’t know how to sew, Good Luck.  It is disgusting to see the choices that are out there to chose from once your child reaches a certain size.

  • To give you an idea of how wide the problem is, last week I went to breakfast after Mass with my friends as usual. The local high school’s track team was having breakfast together. The coach for these group of high school boys is, apparently, a young woman in her early 20s. She was wearing very short and revealing running shorts and you can tell the boys were certainly aware of it.

    Does she realize how inappropriate such a display is before teen boys? Or is she amused at her effect on them? What message does this send to the girls in the high school? Aagh, what a mess.

  • “What were her parents thinking?”

    Also, what was the emcee or whoever it is who arranges for the gift bearers thinking?

    ‘Course if the girl was sitting down at the time, I guess that’s not really a fair question.

    Still, the picture that’s running through my mind right now is the view the congregation got when the girl reverenced the altar…holy hot bottom, Batman!

    I’ve gotta believe somebody in the crowd had a word or two to say to the pastor following Mass after THAT display!

  • Jeanne,

    If a single adult man approached a teen girl to talk about her suggestive clothing, what do you think would be the reaction? What do you her parents’ reaction would be if I approached them? I don’t need the grief.


    Reverence the altar? What’s that? That begins delving into the whole children’s liturgy thing. Every week at this particular Mass, the religious ed director chooses three kids to bring the gifts to the altar. Of course, with the way almost every kid comes dressed to Mass, she can be forgiven for not noticing.

  • “Reverence the altar? What’s that? That begins delving into the whole children’s liturgy thing.”

    I’m soooooo confused! I have no idea what a “children’s liturgy thing” is, never mind how to delve into it! wink

    The kids take up the gifts, hand them to the appropriate person, reverence the altar, and return to their pews. No?

    Well, actually, given the message on the gift bearer’s behind, “no” is probably the best answer.