Doubts about JonBenet confession

Doubts about JonBenet confession

Earlier, well, yesterday now, after reading a news account about the arrest of John Mark Karr in Thailand after he confessed to the killing of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey in Boulder, Colorado, a decade ago, I said to Melanie that something was bothering me about the case. I had a strange suspicion that perhaps this was an unstable perv who got so obsessed with the case that he created a delusion that inserted him into the event.

According to the reports, Karr was obsessed with the murders of both JonBenet and Polly Klass of Petaluma, California, to the point that he wrote college papers about them (after which his professor said he should write a book) and even interviewed JonBenet’s grandparents. And, apparently he faces several charges related to child p**n and thus you could see how he could become obsessed with the little girl. After all, don’t police get crazies confessing to high profile crimes all the time?

Now we’re starting to see new information that lends credence to my doubts. Rod Dreher says that Karr’s ex-wife says he was in Alabama with her on the night JonBenet was killed. Then there was his alleged claim to have picked her up from school before killing her, except she died the night after Christmas when school wasn’t in session.

Ultimately, it should be the DNA evidence that shows whether he’s the killer or not. It would be too bad if the killer hasn’t been caught, because he could still be out there harming other kids. As for justice, well, no one escapes Justice in the end.

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