Don’t leave Little Rock without it

Don’t leave Little Rock without it

As Kathy Shaidle points out that often people are poor in the first place because they don’t know how to manage money (contrary to the liberal notion that poverty only exists because people are oppressed).

Thus, victims of Hurricane Katrina who were issued $2,000 debit cards from FEMA and the Red Cross have been found using them at upscale clothing stores and strip clubs.

According to a report by KPRC, Channel 2, in Houston, a manager at Caligula XXI Gentlemen’s Club said he has seen at least one debit card used at his club. A bartender at Baby Dolls, identified only as “Abby,” said she has seen many of the cards used at her establishment.

“A lot of customers have been coming in from Louisiana and they’ve been real happy about the $1.75 beers and they’re really nice,” she said.

I think I know what’s going on. The report has it completely wrong. These aren’t FEMA and Red Cross debit cards, these are the cards issued out of the funds collected by Bill Clinton. “The Clinton Debit Card: Don’t Leave Little Rock Without It.” See, that explains it.