The future brought to you by USA Today

The future brought to you by USA Today

Want to know the logical result of court-ordered same-sex marriage? Jonathan Turley shows us in an op-ed in USA Today what’s coming: polygamy. In fact, he says that laws against polygamy are hypocritical. Of course, they are ... if you subscribe to the faulty understanding of the purpose of marriage and its place in society as promulgated by our black-robed masters in the courts and their puppeteers in liberal advocacy groups.

Turley says the problem is religion, specifically that religion is what separates those who hold to the actual definition of marriage and those who do not, and so he says that shouldn’t matter. In today’s flawed understanding of the place of religion in American lifeestion of authenticity is paramount and CNSNews provides some bi-partisan experts to say these documents are consistent with previously known Iraqi documents. As for the claims themselves, here is some of what they said:

They detail the Iraqi regime’s purchase of five kilograms of mustard gas on Aug. 21, 2000 and three vials of malignant pustule, another term for anthrax, on Sept. 6, 2000. The purchase order for the mustard gas includes gas masks, filters and rubber gloves. The order for the anthrax includes sterilization and decontamination equipment.

... An 11-page Iraqi memo, dated Jan. 25, 1993, lists Palestinian, Sudanese and Asian terrorist organizations and the relationships Iraq had with each of them. Of particular importance, Tefft said, are the relationships Iraq had already developed or was in the process of developing with groups and individuals affiliated with al Qaeda, such as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Ayman al-Zawahiri.

... Iraq not only built and maintained relationships with terrorist groups, the documents show it appears to have trained terrorists as well. Ninety-two individuals from various Middle Eastern countries are listed on the papers.

Many are described as having “finished the course at M14,” a reference to an Iraqi intelligence agency, and to having “participated in Umm El-Ma’arek,” the Iraqi response to the U.S. invasion in 1991. The author of the list notes that approximately half of the individuals “all got trained inside the ‘martyr act camp’ that belonged to our directorate.”

The article says that the reason these documents have not been publicized by the Bush administration before now is that there are thousands and thousands of documents waiting to be translated. Who knows what other intelligence treasures exist in these documents?

The “senior government official” who occupies a non-appointed post and who leaked these documents to said he did so in order to refocus the country’s attention on the facts of national security and the war on terror and “away from political posturing.” Let’s hope they are real and accomplish just that.