Dodd, Brownback at BC’s forum on Catholics in political life

Dodd, Brownback at BC’s forum on Catholics in political life

Last night’s forum at Boston College including presidential candidates Sam Brownback and Chris Dodd received local coverage in the Boston Globe in both a straight new story and an analysis piece.

(What’s especially sad is how much a shadow of its former self the Globe has become, not even able to cover a political event in its own backyard, but having to rely on wire service reports. Not that I think the Globe’s coverage was all that great in the past, but it shows how much the New York Times has driven the newspaper into the ground.)

The coverage was most perfunctory, touching on the hot button issues. Dodd and Brownback obviously disagreed on abortion, homosexuality, civil unions, and embryonic stem cells. They both agreed that the administration needs to work with Congress to find a solution for Iraq, although I suspect the nature of that cooperation is different for both.

On whether the war in Iraq was a just war, Dodd says he now thinks Bush lied and the war was wrong, although he voted for action in 2003. Brownback said, “You make the call on what information and facts you have at the time, and I don’t think it’s fair to the troops on the ground to second-guess it four years later with the information you have at this point in time.”

My guess is that there was a lot more to what was discussed, especially in terms of faith and public policy than what was reported ,especially since reporters often don’t know how to deal with religion except cast in light of contentious public policy issues.

Thankfully, it looks like C-Span was there and BC student “infanted” said in the comments that we should expect a webcast of the event to be available eventually on BC’s Church in the 21st Century web site.

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Domenico Bettinelli