Disarray for pro-abort pols in New Jersey

Disarray for pro-abort pols in New Jersey

Patrick Sweeney links to an article showing New Jersey Catholic politicians to be in disarray over the Communion controversy. With two bishops publicly telling them not to receive, all the pro-aborts (most of the Dems) are getting steamed, prattling on with the usual demands for separation of church and state. They say they are being forced to decide between their “government oaths and their religion.” Apart from the fact that their oaths do not require them to be pro-abortion (there are plenty of pro-life lawmakers), which do you think should concern them more? Breaking an oath to a government or offending God? Hmmm. That’s a tough one.

So the state Senate Majority Leader decides to leave the Church altogether to find one more amenable to his views (Rather than change himself to suit God, he’s “changing” God to suit himself). Another just says he will go to New York for Mass now. Gee, is this why it’s important for all bishops to stand together united on such matters? Others just stamp their feet and complain.

I think this is the best outcome (apart from repentance on the part of the all the politicians; stop laughing, it could happen.) This is a teaching moment for the bishops, a moment to reinvigorate their people with the understanding of the nature and importance of the Eucharist. I hope they don’t squander it.

  • You’re absolutely right, Mr. Bettinelli.  Bishops who actually take a stand are being attacked in newspapers and on TV.  Instead of wimpering back into their dark corners, they should boldly proclaim moral truth -in the pulpit, in newspapers, in public – that murdering ones own child is an evil atrocity.  What they don’t know is that if they are bold and persistent and unafraid, they will actually convince many people and gain respect.  If they can’t do that, there will just be more damage to a morally stricken Church.

  • Seems only a few are willing to risk their hides so far. The must be applauded, encouraged, and PRAYED FOR their stands.