Despising children, despising virginity

Despising children, despising virginity

Parents in Arlington, Virginia, are still fighting the explicit and secular sex education program being implemented in their diocese. They held a meeting with diocesan officials that had some surprising information come out.

For one thing, the parents were once again told that they weren’t included in the process for selecting the program or provided with specific information about the content, because parents might be the predators. That reminds me of the spokesman for the Archdiocese of Boston telling parents here that they just have to “buy into” whatever the diocese offers.

What hubris! What precipitated the Scandal is not parental abuse, but abuse by priests. And the diocese allowed such abuse to flourish even after finding out what was happening. So now parents are magically supposed to trust diocesan bureaucrats? Never mind that the Church’s clear teaching is that parents are the primary educators of their children, especially in sexual matters, and no Church institution supersedes that.

Of course, the clearest indication of the problem behind all this came when a parent asked the woman in charge of the child protection office whether she was pro-life. She replied that this was a “very personal decision” and that she could not answer the question, because it could prevent her from being able to work with some people in the diocese. In other words, she’s pro-abortion.

So here we have the woman placed in charge of child protection who believes it’s okay for children to be killed in the womb. Does anybody see anything wrong with this? Are we surprised she’d be instrumental in choosing a secular and explicit program for children?

As Mark Shea always points out, show me a culture that despises virginity and I’ll show you a culture that despises children. There’s no clearer illustration than this.

  • I can only reply from my point of view: I write about it because it’s similar to the fight against Talking about Touching here in Boston, which I’ve written about extensively.

    And blogs are for what interests the blogger; I don’t write about everything important, just when I have something to say.

  • Parents as predators…

    In our parish, if you would like to home teach your own child CCD, you must do it in the rectory!!!!!!!

    Can’t have kids suing the church over their own parents abuse!