Desecrating the Eucharist

Desecrating the Eucharist

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf links to the blog of a young Traditionalist fellow in Singapore who relates the disturbing tale of someone who desecrated a Eucharist at Mass by walking off without consuming It. They couldn’t be sure he hadn’t consumed the Host without subjecting him to a strip search, but they were fairly certain.

He doesn’t say whether this was during a Tridentine Mass or a regular Novus Ordo, but the blogger Deo Juvante does hint that this was a case of Communion in the hand leading to this abuse, thus I bet it was the latter kind of Mass. You just don’t see Communion in the hand at Tridentine Masses.

Ironically, it was the arrival of Isabella that led me back to receiving on the tongue. I will grant that Communion in the hand can lead to abuse and desecration and blasphemy, but I was always most reverent and the only reason I continued the practice was because I liked to emulate what I saw a holy priest do as he consumed the Host, reverencing It with a kiss first. But then, Mother Church is wise and there are reasons not to do such things, even for good reasons.

Why I changed my practice

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