Decrees of suppression

Decrees of suppression

Decrees of suppression have been issued for a dozen of the 65 parishes set to close in Boston. This is just the first round and it sets in motion the clock under which the parishes have to appeal. They have until July 30 to file written appeals. The archdiocese has 30 days to respond. After it’s denied, they have 15 days to appeal to the Vatican. Then it’s done. Well, until they file their pointless lawsuits in state courts.

Interestingly, not every parish that plans to shut up shop in August is listed, including St. Joseph’s in Salem. I know that their last Mass will be on August 15, but then I don’t think there’s any formal appeal being made, so I guess they can just close whenever without waiting for the formal decree.

Among those getting hit in the first round is St. Albert the Great in Weymouth, Fr. Ron Coyne’s parish, which is due to close on September 1. They’ve been among the most vocal and have been media darlings on this issue.

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  • Has anyone thought to appeal to God truly present in their midst?  “Jesus is there, go to Him!”