Dean and the Dems

Dean and the Dems

What is it with Howard Dean and the Democrat Party in February? Last February, by his unexpected primary wins, he set in motion the party’s eventual defeat by driving the other primary candidates to the hard left to counter him, and Kerry proved unable to move back to the center. This February, he wins the party’s chairmanship and virtually guarantees by his radicalism that the party will remain in the minority.

Valerie Schmalz writes at Ignatius Insight about Dean’s chairmanship and its impact on the tiny pro-life Democrat movement. I want to point out a strange quote at the beginning of the article from Carol Crossed, president of Demcorats for Life of America: “Our Party has a choice: to keep abortion unrestricted and unregulated or to fail at the polls. Which is it going to be?”

Um, I don’t think that means what she intends it to mean. The way she has it phrased, she’s saying that if the party decides to keep abortion unrestricted and unregulated, it won’t fail at the polls. That’s what happens when you phrase it as an “or” choice. I think what she means is that if the party keeps abortion unrestricted and unregulated, it will continue to fail at the polls. Otherwise, it makes no sense from a pro-life point of view.