Deal bows out

Deal bows out

Deal Hudson, publisher of Crisis, announced today that he was stepping back from being a political adviser on President Bush’s campaign because reporters at an unnamed liberal Catholic publication are trying to dig up dirt on him. Remember this is what Hudson says. I have no reason to doubt him, but these are only vague allegations so far.

Gee, what national liberal Catholic publication with reporters on staff would be interested in using dirty tactics against a conservative Catholic friend of the president? I’m not naming any names, but it is a short list.

It’s one thing to disagree on politics and even the faith. But to engage in such purely mean-spirited and uncharitable mud-slinging against, not your main target, but a proxy is pretty low. It would be one thing if the incidents in Deal’s past had some bearing on the controversies of today (such as examining whether a particular bishop had certain skeletons in the closet that made him susceptible to blackmail by a pervert priest), but they apparently don’t. It looks like the idea is to discredit Hudson so that he can’t be any aid in helping the President garner the crucial Catholic vote.