Dang Internet!

Dang Internet!

I’ve had a lot to say today, but I’ve been gagged by Comcast, my Internet provider. Our Internet service has been spotty for several days and you’ll recall that last week we even had a service call. That didn’t fix it so we scheduled another one for today, except the three inches of snow out there forced a postponement until tomorrow. Right now I’m sitting in a coffee shop that offers wireless Internet, trying to get my work done.

I wanted to write about the Walk for Life in DC and Walk for Life West, about some developments in the Boston archdiocese, about a lot of things that I can’t. Hopefully, I will be able to do some more tonight if the Internet connection decides to come back up or I’ll do it tomorrow after the Comcast comes back. We’ll see.

Amazing how I’ve become so used to having Internet access all the time.

  • May I recommend DSL service from speakeasy.net?  They’re a techie-friendly company whose contract expressly allows you to run a server.

  • The Comcast guy showed up today and finally I got a straight answer. Apparently there’s a problem with the whole node. They think someone’s running a BitTorrent or game or Warez server over their connection between 6 pm and 10 pm every night, which essentially eats up the entire bandwidth during that time. (Although yesterday, it started much earlier, about 4 pm.)

    He said they’re actively hunting down the offender and hope to fix the problem soon, but until then he gave me his cell phone number so I can call him directly rather than go through the customer service rigamarole. Now there’s a guy who cares about his customers.