Dan Brown’s obsession with sex offers a guilt-free religion

Dan Brown’s obsession with sex offers a guilt-free religion

The New Yorker joins the “Da Vinci Code” cavalcade with its own review of the book and movie and controversy. It’s not a bad article, giving a fairly evenhanded overview, even allowing Opus Dei representatives to speak on their own behalf within the proper context of their remarks. Barbara Nicolosi is given some prominence as well in speaking about Sony’s marketing efforts in cultivating certain Christians to become apologists for the movie.

But what struck me was a comment the writer makes about Brown’s insistence that vestiges of the “sacred feminine” abound today, hidden in plain sight. He even quotes a line in the book about the door to a Gothic cathedral resembling a certain female body part. As I read the book, what kept leaping out at me was how salacious it all was. People say that the Church is obsessed with sex, but that’s not true. In fact, the Church is obsessed with love and one form of love is conjugal love which images the life-giving nature of the love that binds the Trinity, a Divine Love which is also known as the Holy Spirit. But what the rest of society is obsessed with is lust, a demonic twisting of love that strips it of its life-giving nature and reduces it to self-serving pleasure.

Paging Dr. Freud

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  • Did you catch FutureChurch’s take on Brown?  They think he’s still demeaning St. Mary Magdalene because he makes her fame depend on her marriage to a man.