Cuenin supporters and their crazy demands

Cuenin supporters and their crazy demands

Remaking the Church in their image. The “Justice and Peace Commission” of Our Lady Help of Christians parish has sent an open letter to Boston’s Archbishop Sean O’Malley, what else, protesting Fr. Walter Cuenin’s resignation. They also sent a copy to certain parishes around the archdiocese. What is it with broadcasting this stuff? If you have something to say to the archbishop then say it, but do you really have to send copies to everyone and his mother?

Anyway, the letter is about what you’d expect. They decry the charges against Cuenin as “imprecise.” Since the exact charges have never been made public, that’s understandable. In fact, the archdiocese wasn’t the one who made the reasons for his resignation public, it was Cuenin himself. The archdiocese was apparently just going to let him quietly resign with dignity and move on, but he’s the one who launched the firestorm by telling people why he was resigning.

  • By ‘prophetic voice’ do you think they mean the 8th century prophets?  Are they planning a walk with bullhorns, reading Amos, Joel and Hosea?

    Nah, me neither.  Just like to goof on their theo-babble.

  • Reading the blurb from the link you provided, I noticed there’s a group that needs a new coordinator, the Gay and Lesbian Faith Sharing group, as the coordinator was Walter.

  • Okay, where is Patrick Coffin when we need him?

    “Peace and Justice” really means “Liberal Democrat”.

  • Oy Vey! You’d think they’d be thrilled to get a faithful and faithfilled priest under 60! That’s what most of us can only wish for.

    Maybe I am a total idiot but I would just love a priest who’s faithful to the Magisterium and isn’t afraid to say so. Beyond that, everything else would be a wonderful and extra gift.

    Problem is, these people think they are something special.

  • You have forgotten their most important duty: To Whine in Public.

    “Make a whiney noise for the press.
    All ye libs!”