Crisis pregnancy centers and the inner city

Crisis pregnancy centers and the inner city

The headline says “Antiabortion activists target urban blacks and hispanics.” The story is about crisis pregnancy centers setting up new offices in urban areas where minorities are often exploited by pro-abortion activists and often feel like they don’t have any choice.

Notice how the headline, however, frames the story, especially the verb: “targets.” It is aggressive and combative. It certainly sets up an adversarial relationship, as if pro-lifers do not have the best interests of pregnant women at heart. As usual, the reporter makes it all about race and politics.

Now the two largest networks—Care Net and Heartbeat International—have launched initiatives to change that equation. Their efforts rely on unlikely alliances, as an antiabortion movement led mostly by conservative, white Republicans interacts with overwhelmingly Democratic, black communities

Perhaps that alliance is not all the unusual given the well-known views of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger which were racist, eugenicist, and admiring of Adolf Hitler’s policies.

The race card, politics, and hypocrisy from abortionists

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