Cracking the DiMaggio Code

Cracking the DiMaggio Code

I knew there must be a supernatural reason for the Red Sox curse. The New York Times suggests DaVinci Code author Dan Brown take on the real conspiracy of our times: the one that keeps the Red Sox from winning the World Series by ancient pagan rituals that take place in New York. (Usually it’s done by the Yankees, but at least once it was their same-city colleagues, the Mets.)

very American child hears of how baseball’s Babe Ruth, after being banished to the Yankees, vowed that his former Boston masters would never again wear the Crown. Each October, entire cities re-enact the “Curse of the Bambino” fable in huge, open-air pageants, often marked by violence. Last year, the Red Sox turned a late-inning, three-run lead into a miracle defeat. Onlookers wept. Cynics were transformed. The manager was crucified. Mel Gibson plans to do the movie. Now, the Nation is launching its spring Crusade. Once again, they seek to solve the DiMaggio Code.

The funny thing about this is that all the national media are making a bigger deal of this than people in Boston. Sure, the first Sox-Yanks game of the year is a big deal, but this is getting major play by the media, including Fox which has been flacking their broadcast of the game since February! Gee, I can’t wait for tonight’s game where we can relive Game 7 of the ALCS over and over again.

Unfortunately for everyone who was hoping to see Pedro face the Yanks again, he won’t be pitching in this series. Considering his awful performance last night against the Orioles, that’s probably a good thing.