Diogenes follows up on a case I was looking into when it first broke. Long story short (although you can get more of it at the link above): A convicted child molester was released from a hospital for the sexually dangerous by his therapist, a priest who allegedly had a sexual relationship with the convict. The molester, Paul Nolin, was introduced by that priest to a Cape Cod pastor who gave him work at his parish and commenced a sexual relationship with him, while Nolin lived in an apartment rented from the first priest. Eventually, Nolin kidnapped, raped, and murdered a 20-year-old man, the crime for which he was convicted this week. (You have to read the details at the link above to get a full idea of the crime.)

So what lessons have we learned? (A) Homosexuality is a completely healthy lifestyle that has nothing to do with deviancy. (B) Treatment centers cure their sexually deranged patients. (C) There is nothing wrong with having homosexuals in the priesthood. (D) There is no connection between how a priest celebrates his liturgies and his personal sanctity.

Yeah, and if you believe all that I have a good deal on a nice bridge in Brooklyn.