Comrades of Foreign Wars

Comrades of Foreign Wars

The ice cream shop across the street has a sign in its window advertising a “military memories” breakfast at the local Veterans of Foreign Wars post tomorrow. The breakfast is to benefit the Old Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea, Massachusetts, which is a good and honorable cause.

The poster includes martial images of American military might including a soldier, a warship, and a couple of fighter jets. Being an admirer of all flying things, I looked closer to clarify whether the twin-tailed aircraft was an Air Force F-15 Eagle or a Navy/Marine F/A-18 Hornet. Much to my surprise I realized that it was a Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker, a Soviet fighter. On a poster for an event benefiting US veterans. Oops!

That would be like advertising a brunch for retired priests with an image of an Orthodox monk. Not the same thing at all.

So, I come home and point this out to Melanie and all she can say is: “You’re so weird.” What? Why?