Coffee talk… now, discuss

Coffee talk… now, discuss

You know… if there’s something any of you want to discuss and that’s not related to what I’m posting here, feel free to put it on the discussion forum. When I see a new post there, I’ll mention it on this page and maybe we can get some ancillary discussions going. Just a thought.

  • No, feel free to email me. But if you want to get a discussion going with someone besides me, then feel free to use the forum. That’s what it’s there for.

    It’s just kind of empty and lonely right now and I’d love for it to be used for something.

  • OK. DONE.

    Also, you reply way too quickly.

    P.S.  Love the BLOG’s.  Keep it up!

  • Joe,

    I’d suggest you post in a new topic with its own title rather than as a reply to another topic. That way people would be able to find your topic and more easily continue the discussion.

    And since the server log is running right next to me, I often see comments as they are posted. Not always, but often.

    And thanks for the kudos.