Clown Mass

Clown Mass

As bad as things can be here in the US, just remember it can always be worse. So much for the dignity of the Sacrament of the Last Supper and the Sacrifice of Calvary.

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  • I sadly report that a similar scene took place in my parish a few years back. The pastor dressed in a clown costume to celebrate a special “Halloween” mass.

    Several calls were made to the chancery to protest. I doubt they got further than the switchboard.

    How long , Lord ????

  • Henri Nouwen, a clown eh?  I knew he was scary but I always thought it was just the total lack of doctrine in his books.  Who could know?  Did he have a big bicycle horn nose?

  • He was a clown, gay and had no doctrine in his books about Catholicism. 

    Wow, no wonder I just don’t get his books.  I read a few of them about the time of my conversion in 1985, but dropped them fairly quickly.  They were insubstantial.  They still hit me that way.  There are just SO many more books that are better.

  • By the way, for the German-impaired: the Mass was being offered during the pre-Lenten Carnival season (note the date of Feb ‘04).

    Carnival in Germany is the occasion for lots of public silliness.

    Perhaps someone who’s witnessed it lately can tell us whether it’s a little less depraved than the Nude Orleans Mardi Gras was before God took action.  grin

  • Liam is right that speculating on Nouwen’s sexuality is inappropriate in this context. I’m not even sure how we ended up with Nouwen.

    This blog entry is about the phenomenon of clown Masses.

  • No, Deacon Mike, if you use this particular photo, it will show clowns are not liturgically correct, because this photo is ludicrous.

    Dressing up like a clown in Mass scares little kids and serious Catholics.  It entertains those who’d rather be somewhere else—that’s the point.