Clarification on job

Clarification on job

A few folks caught my reference to working in the previous blog entry and asked if this meant I have a job now.

Not a full-time job, No. Over the past year I’ve been doing some freelance and consulting work of various types to keep us going (and pay for health insurance), but I’m still looking for a more permanent position. While I enjoy the freedom of working for myself, I need the security of a full-time paycheck now more than ever, so the search continues.

There are still good prospects out there and I hope one of them will come through in the near future. Thanks for the inquiries and concern everyone.

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  • Considering that I’m in a similar boat (I got laid off at the end of December), I can empathize, Dom.  As Red Green would say, “I’m pulling for ya—we’re all in this together”.