Christmas is busy season for Catholic League

Christmas is busy season for Catholic League

“PC on Earth: Merry Christmas from Bill Donohue, Catholic League”

As it is for millions of people, Christmas is Bill Donohue’s busy season.

While others spend time wrapping and shopping, Donohue stays busy sniping - at the Kentucky school where Santa Claus was banned. And the assorted colleges where the politics of inclusion keep the word “Christmas” off campus. And the Seattle airport where all the Christmas trees were removed.

“It’s political correctness run amok,” says Donohue, president of the watchdog Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. “Every day I’m putting out a statement about the latest absurdity ... This time of year, you can just bank on it.”

In this time of “Peace On Earth,” Donohue does battle with those who - in his words - are part of the “secular crusade scrubbing society free of religion.”

Donohue’s sardonic style mingles comedy with Catholicism, and he rarely holds back. After a variety of colleges offered multi-cultural December celebrations - but failed to mention Christmas, even as one misspelled “Kwanza” - Donohue posed this question: “Why not just start the academic year a month earlier and cancel December?”

It’s a typical shot from one of the league’s ubiquitous press releases, where Donohue serves as Santa to his membership of 350,000 and Scrooge to those who run afoul of him.

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  • One thing that really annoys me is when writers misapply allusions or analogies.  In this case, where they’re talking about Donohue *fighting* modern-day “scrooges,” but they refer to Donohue as a “scrooge.”