Chinese revolt against one-child enforcement

Chinese revolt against one-child enforcement

Looks like the people of China don’t want “family planning” either. The Communists have been cracking down on families that want more than the allowed one child—through forced abortion, fines and property confiscation, and more—and the citizens aren’t taking it lying down… for now.

Residents of a riot-hit area of southern China warned Friday of renewed violence if authorities resume a brutal campaign to enforce family-planning rules.

Tension remains high in the Guangxi region, nearly a week after thousands clashed with police over an official campaign that residents say included forced abortions, property destruction and crippling fines aimed at violators of the so-called “one-child policy.”


The anger felt by people in Guangxi was spurred in part by what they described as sudden enforcement of rules long ignored by officials.

The official Xinhua news agency said on Wednesday that 28 people in Guangxi had been arrested for rioting after seven towns erupted in violence.

About 3,000 people protested, ransacking government offices and destroying official vehicles, according to the official version, but residents in several towns say the numbers of rioters and arrests were far higher.

While I’m not necessarily in favor of violence and rioting to solve every problem, I’m glad that people in China are starting to say enough is enough to a brutal regime that imposes death on children and adults alike, stripping them of their freedoms. Let’s not forget that this is the same Communist China that saw the Cultural Revolution and whose crimes include some of the worst human-rights abuses in the history of civilization.

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