Childhood vaccines that used tissue from aborted children

Childhood vaccines that used tissue from aborted children

Subvet at Catholic Dads asks for information on the use of aborted children in vaccines.

I feel like I’m opening a can of worms but here goes.

Anybody know about the use of fetal tissue for the generation of vaccines for common childhood ailments? When I first heard of it I asked my wife (pediatric RN) and was told she’d never come across anything about it. The diseases mentioned included those I got vaccination for back in the ‘50’s, long before our culture of death got up and running in a serious way. For that reason I was willing to write it off as one more conspiracy theory, probably on the same level as the one stating we never made a Moon landing. But it keeps cropping up on various Catholic sites I go to, some of them are fairly solid in their approach to things.

Everybody here seems to have both oars in the water (normally). So I figured I’d throw this out and see what might come up.

Coincidentally, I received the following chart in email. I know it might be a little hard to read so email me if you need a larger version of this.

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