Chicago archdiocese event sponsor at Gay Games?

Chicago archdiocese event sponsor at Gay Games?

Chicago is about to be afflicted with the “Gay Games Sports & Cultural Festival” starting this week and among other events will include the Faith and Fairness Panel Discussion to “discuss how to counter religious attacks on the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.” In other words, to talk about those whose faith tells them that homosexual activity is immoral, like the Catholic Church.

Ironically, among those co-hosting the event is AGLO Chicago, the Archdiocesan Gay & Lesbian Outreach of Chicago, an official entity of the Chicago archdiocese, as well as Dignity/Chicago. It is organized by the Human Rights Campaign, a radical pro-gay activist group. Gay activists are portraying this sponsorship by an archdiocesan organization as a sign of “toleration” by Cardinal Francis George and a tacit admission that the Church is divided on the morality of homosexual acts.

If this is approved by Cardinal George, then this is scandalous. However, I firmly believe that it was not and if so, the cardinal should be made aware of it.

AGLO Chicago was created by Cardinal Joseph Bernardin in 1988 as a counterpoint to Dignity and one of the first diocesan gay ministry offices. In 1989, Bernardin declared AGLO to be “supra-parochial” and directed it to “extend ... the Church’s and specifically the Archdiocese’s pastoral outreach to gay and lesbian Catholics throughout the Archdiocese.” It is based at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish in the city’s Lake View East neighborhood, which is the residence of one of the auxiliary bishops.

Like other diocesan ministries to gays, it looks like this one is out of control, using the cloak of respectability and official sanction to undermine the Church’s teachings from within.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli