Chaput on “freedom of conscience”

Chaput on “freedom of conscience”

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver proves his comments on Fox/Duck politicians last week isn’t a fluke bycontinuing to address the issue this week. Specifically, he goes after John Kerry’s false assertion, without naming him, that Vatican II created a freedom of conscience apart from Church teaching.

  • To believe something (like abortion) is purely evil, and then to not oppose it with all ones might and vigor and will marks one as a moral coward – and an enabler to evil.  Obviously, Kerry would much rather be an enabler to evil than to reduce his chances to be president.

  • “Every bishop should be like Chaput.  It is getting to the point where it is a scandal that they are not. “

    I would say it is a (deep and true and overwhelming) scandal when we consider a bishop doing his real job to be an anomaly!

  • “Archbishop Chaput is clearly emerging as the de facto leader of the American hierarchy .”

    It is part of God’s enduring plan that true and holy leaders always emerge from the swamp.  Looks like Chaput has found his Ninevah – us.