Changing the Church one gray hair at a time

Changing the Church one gray hair at a time

This San Francisco Chronicle article is either unintentionally ironic or clueless in that it portrays Voice of the Faithful as the aging hippie-infested liberal group that it is.

With their gray hair and their overwhelming preference for decaffeinated drinks, the nearly 100 members of the lay Catholic group Voice of the Faithful who gathered inside St. Matthew’s Catholic Church gym in San Mateo on Sunday didn’t look intimidating.

Oh, but they are intimidating, says the liberal theologian addressing the gray-hairs: “Fifty years from now, the Voice of the Faithful will be remembered as the tiny pebble that rolled down the hill and became the biggest thing to hit the church.”

Give me a break.

VOTF is already fading into the same obscurity that all the other liberal groups that have tried to change the fundamental nature of the Church. The very fact that nearly everyone attending VOTF meetings is a senior citizen and that it almost literally has no future doesn’t seem to catch on with these people.