Catholic Charities: “We’re not really Catholic!”

Catholic Charities: “We’re not really Catholic!”

I’ve said several times that if Catholic Charities-Boston disobeys the local bishop on matters of Christian unity, it should give up the name Catholic. I’ve also noted reports by many people that Catholic Charities, as a government-funded social service agency, little resembles a Catholic institution. You’ll often find no mention of God or Jesus Christ except in fundraising appeals and the Church’s teachings are regularly flouted.

Well now I have a report that, when it suits them, bishops and Catholic Charities boards willingly, even eagerly, admit it. A source tells me that the New Jersey Catholic Conference and the Diocese of Camden, New Jersey, are in a tizzy because the US Department of Education is going to terminate Camden Catholic Charities as a provider of social services in the Camden school district. “The reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act prohibits Title I money going to faith-based organizations. Both Catholic Charities and the Catholic Conference argued that Catholic Charities is not a religious organization, that it is not affiliated with the diocese, and is an independently incorporated, private, charitable organization. The US Department of Education agreed with them and they continue to receive federal funding.”

So if it isn’t a religious organization and is not connected with the diocese, why is it called Catholic Charities? Of course, it’s to soak your grandma and the rich Catholic lawyer down the street of their $10 and $10,000 donations because they think what they’re doing is supporting the misison of the Church to preach the Gospel and serve the poor. Unfortunately, what the poor are getting is a gospel of selfishness and sin, with the faith often denigrated and denied. Here’s something I wrote last May about what Catholic Charities is promoting:

    One of the letterwriters observed the following in her dealings with Catholic Charities as she sought to adopt a child:

  • Social Workers teaching a pre-adoptive parents class distributed an article asserting that couples who are anti-abortion are problematic with respect to educating their children about sexuality since they cannot be objective!

  • Another social worker told her that Catholic Charities does not oppose, and will actually facilitate, the adoption of children by homosexual couples; because “We are a United Way agency”! (As opposed to being Catholic, I suppose.)

  • A social worker told her that “We are not here to judge,” and thus they do not advocate the Church’s teachings with respect to various immoral reproductive technologies.

It’s time for Catholic Charities to either actually be Catholic or to be stripped of the name in the interest of truth