Catholic Charities SF does sleight-of-hand trick with gay adoptions

Catholic Charities SF does sleight-of-hand trick with gay adoptions

At first you might think that Catholic Charities of San Francisco is standing on principle and ending its practice of providing adoptions for gays.

Five months after Catholic Charities in Boston decided to pull out of the adoption business to avoid placing children with gay couples, its affiliated agency in San Francisco announced yesterday it was also ending its work as a full adoption agency because of the controversy.
``We are not continuing to do direct placements,” said Brian Cahill, executive director of Catholic Charities of San Francisco, in a telephone interview.

But wait a minute. Something’s not right. On March 17, Archbishop George Niederauer of San Francisco announced that Catholic Charities in his archdiocese would stop the practice. How could the archbishop order the end of gay adoptions five months ago and the head of Catholic Charities say that they decided only yesterday? Because Catholic Charities, specifically Brian Cahill, is not under the archbishop’s control.

Back then Cahill said that Niederauer didn’t say what he clearly said and even started a public fight with the archbishop’s spokesman over it: “This is an outright statement that is false,” Cahill said of Healy’s assertion. “Mr. Healy is, A, mistaken, B, doesn’t speak for Catholic Charities and, frankly, it’s clear to me that he’s not speaking for the archbishop these days.” Of course, as I pointed out, Cahill himself has an adult gay son who adopted a child four years ago with his boyfriend and Cahill has praised gay families in print. He has appointed an openly gay man to a senior post at Catholic Charities and many members of the board of Catholic Charities are openly gay and lesbian.

But Cahill’s statement yesterday must be an indicator of a change of heart, right? Not necessarily.

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  • And the Divine punishment for scandalizing a child is what?  Can one assume that such a punishment does not exclude the heads of Catholic Charities and any odd archbishops as the case may be?  And any gay activists who place their own puny egos against the needs of the children of this world?

    How many crimes against charity have been committed in the name of fashionable tolerance, of Sunday “All Are Welcome” political correctness?

  • When or when will Rome act against this rot which is being condoned by bishops, which exists in the bowels of the Church.  This is the real crisis. It’s not even more of the same anymore.  It’s worse.

  • Lemmeesseee, heah, Gomer:

    CathCharities PAYS these “lent” employees, right?  Seems to me that’s not TOO “remote.”

    Better:  fire the employees and let them join the other outfit.